These lifesize gardengnomes are made originaly made by Laura Stam and Merel Kamp in 2009.

Since 2013 the show is performed by Laura Stam, Coreen Hartley, Reineke Jonker en Miriam Ceh

These gnomes started as a walking act. after that they were the subject of The Illegal Gardengnome Streetrace. This theatrical race played on ADM aarde festival, Lowlands festival, Mysteryland en Countercultur festival.

After this those gnomes had enough guts to start their own performance.

The show has been performed in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, New Zeeland, Italy,Libanonen and Australie.

Many people have helped Perky and Fiddle with their show ...

enormous special thanks to Esher Matze and Eric Bakker and Jeroen Henstra

bit smaller but still huge thanks to:
Olivier Stam , Ward Kraaikamp , Errol Charpentier , Nick J. Swarth , Hanna Windig , Ed van Vliet , Rutger Buiter , Luc Steenhuis , Jet van Heteren , Maik Terveer , Jeroen Henstra , Martin van der Hoeven , Sanne Kamp , Daphne Kamp, Aart van Hunen , Durk Doddema, Daan Croonenberg, and many more...